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  January 22,2005

  Dear Mr. Jefferson:

  I am writing to thank you for your kindness and hospitality I enjoyed during my stay in your place.

  It is very kind of you to invite me to spend my Christmas holiday in your palace last month. The room you arranged for me in your house was quiet, clean and comfortable. The food was very delicious. And visits to local scenic spots were really wonderful. They have not only broadened my horizon, but also enriched my experience. By the way, if it is convenient for you, please come over and spend your Spring Festival this year in my place.

  Thank you very much again.


  Wang Ping



  Dear Club Manager:

  I am writing to ask to join your club to enjoy my free time.

  I am a clerk. I often feel tense and become tired easily. Perhaps, I need to relax myself a bit. I hope to become a member of your club. I have many hobbies and interests. For example, I like photography, calligraphy and painting, dancing and singing. And I like going fishing, collecting stamps and raising flowers. Besides, I am good at playing Chinese chess and cards. Please write back and tell me if there are some formalities that I will have to go through.

  Thank you very much in advance.

  Looking forward to your reply.






  1. 什么使你受不了来源安通学校

  2. 你受到了什么影响

  3. 希望他做些什么

  December 28, 2004

  Dear Apartment Management Officer:

  I am writing to complain about my neighbor Mr. Black.

  Mr. Black lives next door to me, and he disturbs my life. He has a party almost every day. During these parties, people are making a lot of noise. They are dancing, laughing and shouting. They often do such silly things till early morning. What’s more, when they have drunk too much, they often quarrel and fight against each other. I can’t put up with all these. I can’t sleep well at night and my kid can’t concentrate on his studies. Please tell Mr. Black to stop all these things and respect others privacy.

  Looking forward to your reply.


  Wang Meng



  Dear Jack,

  I’m so happy to learn that you will come to my country and to my home. Let me express my warmest welcome to you. My parents insist that I should write back to you as soon as possible to invite you to our home.

  You don’t have to worry about our meeting each other in my city. Now let me tell you what to do. When you have got the train ticket for my city in Beijing, please telephone me. My phone number is 0731-8847543. I will go to the station to meet you. When you get out of the station, you will see me holding up a little board, on which is written “Welcome, Jack!” We will surely meet there.

  I look forward to seeing you soon.

  With kind regards to your parents,

  Li Ming